Meet Angela Korte

Fitness Professional, Nutrition Consultant, and Financial Success Mentor

Life today is pretty great. I’m fit, I’m healthy, and I’m doing what I love – helping others achieve the results I know they’re capable of realizing.

Every day, I feel blessed because I’m surrounded by a community of happy, healthy, strong and financially fit people who are celebrating life and doing extraordinary things using my SIMPLE systems and recommendations.

But it hasn’t always been this way…

Most people see me and assume I’ve always lived like this, but I haven’t always loved my body. I didn’t always feel so “good” about things. I wanted to change, to simplify my approach to nutrition and lose weight at the same time.


That’s when Isagenix came into my life.


As soon as I joined the Isagenix community I received the support I so desperately craved. Before, I felt stuck and held back by friends who didn’t have the same goals or vision as I did. It wasn’t until I surrounded myself with others just like me who wanted to be better, to feel better, and to make better things happen in the world that I was able to achieve my dreams.

After safely and quickly releasing 31 pounds, all of my goals changed. I started using this nutrition system to build lean muscle and enhance my sports performance.

Instead of worrying about the extra weight I was carrying, I started thinking more about how I could help other people who were feeling stuck in life. By inviting them into the Isagenix community and helping them realize their personal goals, my business grew. My family and I began enjoying a healthy lifestyle both physically and financially.


I was only able to achieve this level of success one step at a time. And today? Today, I am in love with the life I’ve built!

Most people I work with don’t have extraordinary goals for competitive fitness levels. Most simply want to live a better, healthier life. That’s how I help and that’s what I love the most about the work I do. I’m able to watch clients play with their grandchildren for the first time in years. Individuals fall in love with themselves again, or for the first time ever. Couples rediscover each other. I see non-profit organizations receiving help because my clients have the energy and financial freedom to support philanthropic endeavors.



This community that I’ve built is thriving, but it’s not complete. Not without YOU!

My Mission

My mission today is to grow the same kind of community that gave me so much support. I want others to have the same place to surround themselves with positive people who are striving to get the same things out of life – health, happiness, and financial freedom.

My mission is to give this to YOU, so you can achieve the goals I KNOW you’re capable of achieving.

The days when you struggle? Those are the days when we want to hear from you and lift you back up. The days when you celebrate wins? Those are the days we want to cheer alongside you as you reach a new milestone.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to do, be, have, and experience everything in life without limits.

Here, you’ll be surrounded by that same level of support from people who want to be better and who are willing to make an extraordinary life happen instead of accepting mediocrity.

No matter where you are in your journey or what your goals are, we’re ready to embrace you with open arms as you take your first step toward a better, happier, healthier life.

My World


We are more alike than you may think. I’m a Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Volunteer and Athlete. I do laundry, wash dishes and shop for groceries. Life with my family is crazy busy, fun and, yes, sometimes stressful.

My husband, Dave, owns a successful consulting firm. Our kids, Kyle and Eva, are teenagers (how did that happen?) and student-athletes. I love to travel, eat and explore with my family. I have been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast my whole life, participating in team sports through college.

After a 17 year career in Public Accounting and Business, I decided to pursue my PASSIONS: fitness and nutrition. Isagenix is the vehicle that has allowed me to share those passions while creating another income stream for our family. This financial freedom allows us to live life without limits and feel secure about our future.