Real Success Stories From Really Fantastic People (Like You!)

The best part of what I do? Seeing and hearing about real results.

After all, that’s the goal of everything I do. But you can listen to me talk all day about how thrilled I am about what Isagenix and fitness have done for my overall mental and physical health, but I think it’s more exciting to hear it from other people who have also walked the walk and lived a life filled with results.

So, here you go: Success stories from people like you!

Two Sets of Twins. Two Kids with Special Needs. No Excuses.

“For some people, living a Healthy, Strong lifestyle is a luxury. For me – It’s a necessity! I am raising four boys (2 sets of twins only 21 months apart). The youngest set of twins has Muscular Dystrophy therefore I am not only their Mom – I am their caretaker and their muscles as well! Currently at over 50 pounds each they are not getting any lighter. They require me to be strong and healthy, and for them…I will do that! They encourage me when I workout and join me (via stroller/trailer) when I run and bike! Since I cannot stop this disease or change it’s progression I will do the best I can for them! I will provide encouragement, support, love and the best nutrition possible for myself and for them! Strawberry IsaLean Shakes and IsaLean bars are their favorite! Isagenix has provided a health and wellness foundation for me and my boys! The products have helped me drop the extra weight I was carrying around and improve my energy and performance!”
~ Christina Kiefer

Losing Weight After 50

“Once I hit 50 it got harder to lose than keep the extra weight. I wasn’t ready to give up, so I tried Isagenix just to see if it would work. To my surprise I did feel better, have a better attitude and the 10 pounds came off. I’ve been able to keep those 10 pounds off, and even when I have to make up for my not-so-good nutrition choices, I know I have a system and a community to rely on to get right back on track. I’ve found it to be a very easy lifestyle change. I still have work to do, but am very happy with my results and support to this point. I look forward to the future!”
~ Carrie DeGraaf

From College Athlete to Injured Athlete and Stressed Career Woman, Then Back Again

Danielle was a two-sport collegiate athlete. Injuries and graduation from college changed her life in big ways. The stress of beginning her career and always being the life of the party took its toll on her body, mind and spirit. She had no energy and her smile was fading. Here’s her story in her words:

“I needed to recapture my health. I started using the superfood nutrition that is Isagenix and lost 17 pounds without incorporating a single workout! To date, I have released a total of 48 pounds and 12 pant sizes. I have maintained my weight while gaining lean muscle and am benefiting from better sleep as well as increased energy! My proud moment was when I retired my Extra Large jersey and I had to borrow a size Small jersey from a teammate.”
~ Danielle Beauregard

Holistic Health Practitioner Finds Her Energy and Strength

“Virtual workouts I can take anywhere make me excited about getting fit! My muscle and strength gains are awesome! I absolutely love having my weekly workout routine scheduled. It’s divine! Adding consistent training to my life was the next step after changing my approach to nutrition and wellness. Before using this nutritional system, I was tired and frustrated with my lack of energy and bloated belly. I was working with 3 practitioners for over 3 years with little improvement and more financial stress. I was on Solution #536 and ready for Solution #537. I now have way more energy and a flatter belly. I’ve gained muscle, released fat, trimmed 2 minutes off my running pace, and even created an extra stream of income. I believe EVERYBODY should have the opportunity to feel this healthy and happy. It’s total FREEDOM!”
~ Sue McCreadie, MD

Nurse and Mother of 3 Loses over 120 lbs

Ressie knew she wanted to be around for her kids, but more than that, she wanted to be a better, more involved mother. So, she stopped smoking, drinking soda, and made a conscious decision to clean up her diet. Over 4 years she lost 40 lbs and was convinced she could do it alone. She heard about Isagenix but thought it was another fad diet. Then, she enrolled in the 30-day program for $300 with the intention of taking advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee.

Fast forward a few years. In 2016, Ressie was recognized as a Michigan Fitness Foundation 2016 Fitness Ambassador. She was only 1 of 11 statewide.

“I am healthy from the inside out. I have energy, I am a happier person today than I was because you can’t feel this good and feel bad at the same time. It just feels good to live life, to be in the game, not watching from the sidelines.”
~ Ressie Stranaly